Set in the midst of the Inner Harbor in downtown Baltimore, Oriole Park was opened in 1992 as a
replacement for Memorial Stadium. The stadium is the first of the new baseball only facilities designed
to evoke memories of older stadiums of an era long since passed. Since its opening this stadium has
been one of the major attractions of a dynamic and exciting downtown Inner Harbor neighborhood,
which attracts not only the locals but also tens of thousands of tourists who flock here each summer to
personally witness this urban success story.

Outside the venue

If you are coming to Baltimore, there is a wide selection of hotels at just about any price range, all
available within walking distance. Game day at the ballpark is a pleasant experience in itself, with
street vendors selling that special Orioles item, entertainers performing at just about every street
corner, and food carts offering various delicacies.

The stadium itself is an architectural wonder. Right next door is an old warehouse once occupied by
B&O Railroad. Most stadium designs would have probably considered such a structure an eyesore
and demolished it. However here in Baltimore they gutted and refurbished the structure and then
designed the stadium to directly match its architecture. As a result, you have a ballpark complex which
is stunning yet simple in its charm, and many ballparks, both major and minor, have attempted to
duplicate the look and feel of Oriole Park at  Camden Yards

The Concourses

There are three major concourses at this facility one for each of the seating levels. The lower
concourse is amongst the widest we have seen anywhere with plenty of  room to navigate your way
around the long lines that one finds at the concession stands as well as the kiosks that dot the lower
pavilion. Multiple artifacts celebrating the Orioles winning tradition during their modern history hang
from above. There are several long escalators strategically located throughout to get people to their
seats quickly as well as shorter ones to take those fortunate enough to have preferred seating to their
destination. The signature concourse of this facility is the open area beyond the right field bleachers.
This area is called Eutaw Street, and literally is the main street of this ball park, and the place where
fans converge to get a great view of the stadium, shop for souvenirs, have a meal or simply people


The food experience here is not to be missed. When you walk the concourses, it seems that every
concession stand is offering yet another different and unique item, whether it be deli, brick-oven pizza,
desserts, or tropical drinks. If there is one thing you must do here at Camden Yards, it is to make the
trek to Eutaw Street and visit Boog’s famous barbecue. Operated by Oriole icon Boog Powell, the
barbequed pork and beef platters are absolutely amazing! On most days Boog himself is there to greet
the fans and sign autographs, not to mention pitching in and serving customers when the lines get a
bit long.

Also worthy of mention are the famous Maryland crab cakes. The locals however, will tell you that better
crab cakes can be found in watering holes away from the ballpark and will gladly give you their
recommendations. Being from Buffalo we can understand that way of thinking. Ask us where the best
Buffalo wings are, and we certainly would not steer you to HSBC Arena.

Seating Area

Camden Yards has the three level seating design found in most newer venues that goes clockwise
from beyond the left field wall to the end of the right field foul pole. There are some bleachers beyond
the right field fence. The bullpens are beyond the left field power alleys are visible from most seats in
the building. Behind the center field fence is the main scoreboard featuring a jumbotron and an older
style clock at its top with a huge neon lit ad for the Baltimore Sun.  On this particular sign, displayed as
"THE SUN" the letter H will light up if there is a hit while the letter E will light in case of an error. At the
right field fence is an out of town MLB scoreboard for fans and players to follow.

Also at the center field scoreboard are many flags celebrating the multiple division, league, and World
Series championships that the Orioles have won since arriving in Baltimore from St. Louis in 1954.
Also from most seats in the house there is a spectacular view of the downtown Baltimore skyline and
the B&O Warehouse.


A superb baseball experience, amongst the finest in America. With M&T Bank Stadium there as part of
the same plaza this is possibly the finest sports and entertainment complex in all of sports. This
ballpark alone is good enough to make our honorable mention list. We did not get to spend much time
here thanks to a tight schedule but trust us we shall return!!!

Architecture 9
Food and team store 9
Scoreboard and electronics 6
Ushers 6
Fan support 7
Location and neighborhood 9
Banners and history 7
In game entertainment 5
Concourses/fan comfort 7
Bonus: Boog Powell's barbecue 2; B&O Warehouse 2; First retro ballpark 1; "O" shouted during
national anthem 1
Total: 71
Babe Ruth Birthplace and
Museum near Camden Yards
Oriole Park - Camden Yards

Oriole Park at

May 14,

Boston Red Sox
at Baltimore


July 24,