Farrell was born in Long Island and grew
up upstate in Horseheads. He graduated
from Horseheads High School and then
received an Associates degree from
Corning Community College. He later
attended SUNY Brockport before the long
nights watching Sportscenter and Monday
Night Football eventually brought that to a
premature conclusion. After a short stint in
the service industry Peter moved up to the
Buffalo area where he has resided for the
past seven  years. During this time he has
worked tirelessly through rain and
snow(especially snow) to make sure he
swiftly completes his appointed rounds as
a Letter Carrier for the US Postal Service.

Farrell's life is synonymous with the world
of sports. While at Horseheads High
School he was a dedicated, hard working
athlete for three years as part of the
school's track and cross-country teams
eventually lettering in both. And Peter still
enjoys beating his own brains out on the
golf course and bringing to the hole on the
basketball court occasionally.

Food- No contest... Hostess orange
TV South Park...Still waiting for new
Movie - Tie 1. Hoosiers 2. Field of Dreams
Place to Visit - anywhere there's a big time
sporting event!!
Music - No real favorites, just get sick of
hearing too much of the same style.

NFL...1 Bills(jumped off Raider
bandwagon shortly after arrival in Buffalo)
1a. Lions( first cousin Stephen Boyd was
an All-Pro linebacker for Lions)
MLB...NL Mets, AL Indians
NHL   Sabres(jumped off Islander
bandwagon after arrival in Buffalo)
NCAA Football ...Syracuse
NCAA Basketball...St. John's
and yet no team enflames this man's
passion for the sports world like Peter's
dearly beloved NEW YORK KNICKS!!!!

1) NO GOAL..the debacle of Game 6 of the
1999 NHL Stanley Cup Finals,NHL
officiating in its finest hour.

2)John Starks going 2 for a b'zillion in
game 7 of the 1994 NBA Finals as the
Knicks lost the game and the title to the
Houston Rockets.

3) Breaking my wrist in the midst of the
1997 softball season. I watched in agony
as my team fell just short of the coveted

1)Breaking my wrist in the midst of the
1997 softball season. I had the whole
summer off from work and in the time
being my sister Katy and I hit the road by
car and went from coast to coast and back
in a month. The journey was the original
inspiration for our incredible odyssey.

2)Anytime the Bills beat the Dolphins!!!!

3)With apologies to Bob McAdoo, anytime
the Knicks beat the Heat!!!

4)The Knicks stunning the world in '99 by
reaching the NBA Finals as a #8 seed.


Someone who blows a ton of money on
tickets to a game and all that goes with it.
Then proceeds to leave with plenty of time
left in a contest very much in doubt.
Excuses, shmuses!!! If you aren't
interested enough in the game to stay until
its conclusion then don't waste those
tickets on yourself and hand 'em over to
someone who actually wants to be there!!!!

Andrew Kulyk is a Buffalo native and
lifelong Buffalonian. He is a graduate of
Canisius High School and The State
University of New York at Buffalo with a
degree in Business Administration. After
graduating he began his career in
banking, working for two Buffalo area
financial institutions before joining the
family service business in 1988, which he
owns and operates today.

Kulyk is active in government in his
hometown of Cheektowaga... he was
elected in 1988 to a term as a Councilman
on the Town Board, and now serves as
the Chairman of the Zoning Board of
Appeals. He has also served in leadership
roles in several civic organizations,
including the Cheektowaga Symphony
Orchestra, the Chamber of Commerce and
the Democratic Town Committee.

Kulyk's love of sports is beyond question.
He is a big fan of the Buffalo Sabres,
Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Bisons and
shares season tickets for all the teams.
Along with Peter he is also a free lance
journalist covering Bisons Baseball (AAA) .

Food: Pizza and wings
TV Program:  South Park
Movie: Major League
Travel destination: Tampa Bay
Music: techno/dance
Hobby: Stock market

1) Buffalo Bills demolish Los Angeles,
51-3, to advance to Super Bowl XXV (1991)

2) Sabres beat Maple Leafs in 1999 NHL
Conference Finals, 4 games to 1. (1999)

3) Buffalo Bandits win MILL world titles at
the Aud (1993 and 1996)

1) Scott Norwood's kick sails wide right in
Super Bowl XXV (1991)

2) Tennessee's "Music City Miracle" beats
the Buffalo Bills in the closing seconds of
the AFC Wild Card game (2000)

3) Jo Jo White sinks 2 free throws for the
Celtics as time expires at the Aud, after a
questionable foul is called at midcourt.
Buffalo Braves eliminated by the Boston
Celtics, 4 games to 2. (1976)
Meet the road trippers!