Driving around Kansas City
Prior to getting to Arrowhead, we did drop by Kemper Arena, where the NHL Scouts and the
NBA Kings once called this facility home... this venue now is the home of an IHL team and
various minor league teams. Once inside, we were impressed with the sleekness and
modernness of the building. Of course, no suites, no club seats, yadda yadda... obviously
built for a different era. The outside of building looked very cool and modern, but no
identifying signage at all, and the arena was built in the middle of a rail yard and industrial
park.. uggh what an awful location!

The stadium
Arrowhead Stadium and Ewing Kaufman Stadium (home of the Royals) were both built in the
eartly 70s, when everyone else was building cookie cutter round stadiums... in hindsight
this decision was sheer genius! Both facilities are nearly 30 years old, yet they look modern
and are designed to still cater to the needs of the public and their franchises today.
Arrowhead is built with sleek architectural lines making a distinctive upper deck - seats are
the teams colors, and jumbotrons adorn each end of the field. The tailgating scene here is
awesome, rivaling our Bills crowd in Orchard Park. Traffic ingress and egress is kind of bad
though, and we had a long wait to get out of the lot and onto the expressway..

The best item of note here is the famous Kansas City Barbecue.. on sale in each corner of
the lower level. The lines were so long we skipped it. Too bad!

Banners/retired numbers
Arrowhead has an extensive "ring of fame" around the deck walls listing all the Chief's

Being a Monday night game of course added electricity to the affair, and the Chiefs did an
extensive fireworks show prior to the game. Also, kind of a cool thing - at the end of the
national anthem, the crowd substitutes the word "Chiefs" for the word "brave" at the end
of the song and shouts it out. These folks bill themselves as "the loudest stadium in the
NFL". Well there are those who talk the talk and others who walk the walk. Like most NFL
games this place is loud, but nowhere near the loudest we have heard.

Cool Chant....during the slow part of Rock and Roll Part II ( you know... da da DA DUH....Hey!)
The entire stadium chants " we're gonna beat the hell outta you,you....you,you,you!!!"

For a 30 year old stadium this place has worn very well. If we were doing this same odyssey
back in the mid 70s we probably would have named this as the best venue. Still one of the
greatest sports experiences in the midwest, and this stadium will be around for a long time
to come.

Architecture: 9
Food and team store 5
Scoreboard and electronics 6
Ushers 4
Fan support 9
Location and neighborhood 3
Banners and history 7
In game entertainment 8
Concourses/fan comfort 4
Bonus: Tailgate scene 3, "you, you!" fan chant 2
Total 60
Arrowhead Stadium


Kansas City,

October 2,

Seahawks at
Kansas City

Return visit:

November 29,

Buffalo Bills
at Kansas
City Chiefs