The game of Pass the Cup is played with three or more participants at a baseball
game. The cup is passed from player to player at the conclusion of each at bat down
on the field. It does not matter which team is hitting - the game is predicated on what
each batter does.

Money is placed into the cup or taken out of the cup depending on the outcome of the
at bat. The player holding the cup when a home run is hit wins the entire pot. If there is
still money in the pot when the last out is recorded, the cupholder takes the remaining
proceeds of the pot.

Money is paid into the pot according to the following schedule:

Fly out (fair territory): 25 cents

Fly out (foul territory): $1

Ground out: 25 cents

Reach base on error 25 cents

Balk $1 (and keep the cup)

Baserunner caught stealing 75 cents (and keep the cup)

Strike out swinging: $1

Strikeout looking: $2

Strikeout bunting $1

Strikeout on 3 pitches - add $1 to any above scenario

Fielders choice: 25 cents

Double play: $1

Unassisted double play $2

Strike 'em out/throw 'em out double play $2

Double play to end inning - add $1 to any above scenario

Triple play: $5

Money is taken out of the cup according to the following schedule:

Single: collect 25 cents

Double: collect 50 cents

Triple: collect $2

Hit by pitch: collect 50 cents

RBI bunt: collect 50 cents

Passed ball/wild pitch runner scores: collect 50 cents (and keep cup)

Manager argues call: collect $2 (and keep cup)

Player or manager gets ejected: collect $2 (and keep cup)

Home run: collect the entire pot

Last out of the game: collect the entire pot

The cup is passed without payment according to the following schedule:

Base on balls

Sacrifice bunt

Sacrifice fly/RBI


Here is an addition to the game which kicks in when the final out of each inning is
recorded. Watch the player on the field who has the ball in his possession when the
inning ends. He will usually toss it towards the mound, so the opposing pitcher can
pick it up to begin his warm up tosses. If the ball lands cleanly on the pitcher's mound
(i.e. does not touch the grass at all) that is a Mounder, and the cupholder has to pay
double the above fee into the pot

For example... a strikeout looking costs $2. The catcher than tosses the ball towards
the mound. If it lands on the mound and thus becomes a Mounder, the fee doubles to
$4. If if rolls off the mound, only $2 is due.

Any scenario not covered here is subject to a final ruling by "The Commish". Make sure
you designate a lead person to mediate any arguments or disputes.
Here are the
official rules
for "Pass the
Cup", a great
game to play
at a baseball
game with
your friends.

We've tried to
outline every
scenario possible
and have added
amendments over
the years as well.

Thanks to Kevin Dale,
the road trip
"Commish" for his

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