This beautiful home for the Texas Rangers was opened in time for the 1994 season, and
replaced the old Arlington Stadium which once stood on the same property. Located
between Dallas and Fort Worth off I-30, getting to this stadium is easy, and once you are
here, you will be dazzled by the immense beauty of the entire facility.

The ballpark totally symbolizes Texas architecture, from the brick and granite facade,
exposed structural steel, the sheer size of the building, the engraved Lone Stars in the
stone work... one can't help but be swept up by all this place has to offer.

Parking is abundant and reasonable, and as you walk up the hill towards the ballpark, you
pass by the Dr. Pepper Youth Ballpark, kind of a small version of the larger building,
(grandstands seat about 600), designed to youth specifications and available to area little
league and school teams. As you walk around the outside of the stadium, the pavement is
marked by a walk of fame, featuring past Rangers players grouped by each year of the
franchise's existence, going back to 1972..

The concourses
Walk around this building, and enjoy a great view from wherever you stand, and the
concourses are no exception. The lower concourse runs right around the building, and in
centerfield is a large picnic pavilion and a great view of the field. Right here is a statue of
Rangers great Nolan Ryan, and built right into the ballpark is an office building, with
windows overlooking the field. The club concourse is enclosed, air-conditioned and tiled
in black and white, and features several lounges offering premium food items. In-seat
waiter service is also available here. The upper concourse is open air, and beautiful light
fixtures in the shape of baseballs adorn the rails all along this level.

The seating bowl
In the outfield are bleacher seats, including some actual benches from the old ballpark,
and in right field is a two level home run porch, complete with columns which are
reminsicent of the older ballparks. Between the foul poles the seating areas are broken
down by field level, club level suites and upper level. Capacity is just over 49,000 seats.
High above right center is a huge jumbotron board and companion dot matrix boards
which look very imposing. Additional dot matrix effects boards and a scrolling out of town
sports ticker line the balconies throughout the ballpark.

In addition to the multitude of food choices offered, there are also several restaurants in
the building. High above right field is a TGI Fridays (we hung out there the first night, only
so we could watch our beloved Sabres play game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals against the
Stars - yes, we were the only two fools screaming loudly for our Sabres and wearing our
gear. Yes, we got the dirty looks!)). Also there are two membership only clubs, the
Diamond Club in left field, with four levels of tabled seating available with views of the
field; and behind home plate is the Jose Cuervo Gold Club, another premium restaurant.

Cool things at the ballpark
There is more stuff to do and see in here to make your experience complete. On the main
level is a huge team store in right field, as well as another store selling memorabilia and
sports art. The Legends of the Game Baseball Museum is also located in the right field
area, and this area includes a Children's learning center and a 200 seat auditorium for
group meetings. The first floor of the office building in center field has several retail
shops, open on game days and non game days as well. Also in the center field area is a
Sports Park with interactive games and skill games.

Extra points
It's hot here! So bring a cooler. The Rangers allow fans to bring small coolers with your
own beverages (no cans - and no alcohol). So fill the ice chest, and don't forget
sunscreen, sunglasses and a cap.

This venue goes at or near the top of our MLB ballparks. It is a great facility, large,
imposing, yet intimate, and we promise you will have a great time.

Architecture 7
Concessions 8
Scoreboard 6
Ushers 7
Fan Support 6
Location 3.5
Banners/History 5
Entertainment 6
Concourses/fan comfort 7.5
Bonus Centerfield Nolan Ryan statue 1; Replica little league stadium on the grounds 1; overhanging
right field porch 2; stone murals on the outside 1
Total 61
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June 12,



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